“Our goals are tied directly to those elaborated on by the Rabbis so many years ago in Pirkei Avot, “The world stands on three things:  Torah, worship, and deeds of loving-kindness”


THE BULLETIN November—December 2015 Cheshvan – Kislev – Tevet 5776


Adult Hebrew Classes:  Starting Week of November 9 

Temple Emanuel is expanding our Adult Hebrew course offerings!
All classes meet one hour per week, duration: 12-15 sessions
Cost per class:  Members:  $100.00  Non-members:  $150.00

CLICK to register and pay by check or credit card.
 Shabbat Prayers – Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. – First class Wed Nov 11
Learn the structure of the Shabbat Service, how to navigate services and prayer rituals, learn to read and chant prayers and sing the songs so you can be an active participant in Shabbat Services.
Biblical Hebrew – Beginning – Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m.  – First class Tues Nov 10
Biblical Hebrew – More Advanced – Date and Time to be announced
Please email instructor Mike Backfield about the Shabbat Prayers and Biblical Hebrew classes.
Modern / Conversational Hebrew – Beginning – Date and Time to be announced
Modern / Conversational Hebrew – Intermediate – Date and Time to be announced
Modern / Conversational Hebrew – Advanced – Date and Time to be announced
Please email instructor Naomi Greenberg about the Modern / Conversational Hebrew classe

We are roughly 270 families …


… which adds up to about 600 people who have committed themselves to assuring a Jewish place in our fine city of Winston-Salem. We are identifiably connected with the Reform Jewish movement of North America (http://www.urj.org/) but as the sole synagogue in Winston-Salem, we stretch to fill a myriad of faith and community needs. Our services are filled with music, teaching, and invited participation.
All ages are always welcome and we look forward to worshiping together.

Temple Emanuel
201 Oakwood Dr
Winston Salem, NC 27103
(336) 722-6640